Black & Sheep

- If you loved me and we could never, ever touch, wouldn’t you eventually get over it and move on, letting someone else have the slightest hope that you might move on to them ?

- If I loved you…

- Yeah.

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When I heard he’d died, aged 45, of a heart attack, i wasn’t surprised. I was just sad.  People always think of us as rivals, but he was among the very few I liked and even fewer that I respected.

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Stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish

These stunning portraits of Siamese fighting fish seemingly floating in mid air are reel-y some-fin special. With their long flowing fins and brilliant colors, this striking series of photographs show the elegant animal in all of its beauty. Photographer, Visarute Angkatavanich, 43, created the dramatic pictures by using a range of lighting techniques in his studio and used crystal clear water to capture the unique creatures vivid array of colors. Despite being a commercial photographer by trade, Visarute decided to turn his hand to photographing fish after recalling fond memories of keeping them as a child. (CATERS)

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Lila Leeds in 1949 exploitation film, She Shoulda Said ‘No’! (also known as The Devil’s Weed). Like Reefer Madness, the film was a cautionary tale about the dangers of drugs.